Importance of Concrete Repair: Determining Reasons to Architectural Problems

Concrete is a resilient construction supply that may withstand certain conditions and last for quite a while, given that it receives proper upkeep. Nonetheless, even the most robust surface may at some point split and cause issues in the design. Some parts of exposed concrete might be at risk of wear and tear during hot or cold environments. Therefore, hiring a concrete repair contractors is highly advisable.  

Common concrete problems

Sunken concrete: This takes place if the foundation was not effectively prepared, which in turn causes the structure to sink down. Loose dirt used for the building may have induced the water erosion. This may also occur because of extreme weight, which in turn causes the structure to sink. During this problem, contractors need to replace the layer of concrete.

Small cracks: These occur because of regular tear and wear. Even though the cracks may be small, contractors must repair these quickly. Routine tear and weathering might cause the crevices to become even bigger as time passes and result in damage in the building.

Deep cracks: These are breaks left unattended for a long period. Deeper cracks may be symptoms of bigger structural problems. For example, the level of concrete may become irregular if there are extensive breaks on the building. Problem on the foundation or soil beneath the concrete may also cause deep cracks. During these circumstances, a concrete repair contractor in Calgary might have to tear up the area and change it.

Frost heave: This problem may happen in areas with very cold climates. Water from the floor has a tendency to freeze and drive the concrete upward, which in turn causes breaks and irregular surfaces. When this happens, contractors must replace the whole slab to avoid further problems for the structure.

Factors behind concrete damage

Flawed designs: Faults in the structure's layout might result in numerous damages. For example, putting embedded metals, conduits or outlet boxes nearby the concrete's exterior surface might result in breaks and frost heave. Adding hand rails and guardrails around exterior corners of walkways or walls may also bring about similar damages, because these may expand or contract with climate changes.

Oxidation: Rust on reinforcing steel can often be an indication rather than a cause of harm. This means another factor weakens the concrete, resulting to steel corrosion. The corrosion is normally associated with frost heaves, sulphate exposure, or insufficient concrete protection. When corroded steel is not changed, it may eventually damage and crumble the structure.

Acid exposure: This is typical in underground drainage systems found in mines. The wastewater from these mines usually has high acid levels, which may instantly damage the concrete upon contact. The acid reacts with the cement mortar and transforms it into calcium salt. The flowing water washes away the calcium salt, uncovering the surface to further damage. The cement deep inside the structure will eventually diminish and weaken.

Common concrete repair

Slab jacking is a type of epoxy concrete repair used to fix bulges, irregular portions, and similar forms of problems on the surface. Contractors will remove the cores and include a mixture of concrete to elevate the slabs or place them in their proper position. This is among the most reliable remedies for concrete problems, since it only requires a few hours to complete at half the price of a complete replacement.

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